Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oversight Board: Be Original

Instead of doing Top Tens; Try "Top 17";
it is done.

Here are my Top 17 Girl Names.


  1. thanks for the post on the music. I have some very fond memories of getting the Led Out.

    I put the link on my blog with regards to the juke box. So, if you want to add it to yours feel free.


  2. Looks like RAF Alconbury is still there. Many of the bases are not. Dad was stationed at USAF Greenham common, when he met my Mother in the late fifties. That is long gone.

    He and my Brother still attend the air shows around the remaining bases. He always bumps into someone he knows.

  3. Yes, I Google earth it but they did not have the HiRes maps yet.

    I worked on the aircraft that carried those overstuffed bags of piss. They are flying planes that are 18 years old (Back Then) and wonder why one little tiny leak is coming "from there". Static leaks happen when the plane is not being used (jr. bird man). Just try to tell a flyboy that and see what happens. You get to a lot of work be cause said bag o piss spent too much time at the Officers club and does not want to fly this early.

    The only pilots I ever got along with was Major and above. They were most functional check pilots anyways.

  4. Admiral, Sir...
    Wrapped tight doesnt begin to describe it. I managed to shove an un-devoured, Dove bar actually, in the freezer for later emergencies, and will also ad a double gin martini after dinner. Himself has the phases of the moon down pat, so already had an inclination of whats coming. He just feeds me chocolate, and ...takes my mind of it all.. ahem..

    all is well with the world...

    Yes, swearing with the kids in the car is a no no.. my sentences generally remain unfinished. "OHH you stupid...why cant you....!!

    I find in general, most Americans find English swear words amusing, like, Bollocks! It was actually in an advertisment on the radio, and wanker is another.

    I can get away with most of those, and get my point across adequately.


    I was wondering what an over stuffed bag of piss was, then I realised it was the flyboys! LOL!! Good one! That particular relationship ended when I called him a jackass.

    Yes, all of those I met in the i"inner circle" had inflated egos. Especially the F16 pilots. It made matters worse that this crowd had been involved in the Top Gun movie with Tom Cruise. If I have to compete with guys for the vanity mirror, theres an issue..

    Im usually pretty easy going around most blokes, used to standing my round in the pub and talking to just about anybody. So far I havent run into too many stuffed shirts at the USCG base, we went to the bar there,but im sure I will eventually.


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