Monday, September 24, 2007

In Honor of our National Guest

Let's give him a swift kick in the ass and send this dictator on his way back to the sand factory.


  1. I live in hope that someone, like our president will tell this shyster he is not welcome. Please Dubya, get some gonads and send him packing. thanks for the posts Admiral. with regards to the bating, guyk said let Allah sort it out, shoot ask questions later.

    Him and I are still newly weds really, April 28th this year, so I guess the honey moon stage isnt over yet.*grin..

    have a good night.


  2. Never happen, This is the iranian version of the Omen.

    I do not what to think about our President.

  3. oh well, the Pres is outta here, whatever people may think. I was very dissapointed in him so was Rev. I think we were hoping for another Reagan.

  4. The little Iranian Nit reminds me of a little hairy monkey. Did you know that Coco Chanel designed the Nazi SS uniforms?


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