Thursday, September 27, 2007

If I ever buy a Dodge again . . .

Somebody kick me in the Nads.


  1. I would NOT buy a dodge. I had a neon, front wheel, disc brakes, everything disintigrated! Right after the warranty ended.

    I used to own a converstion van to ferry children in, and the paint started peeling off running boards after a year. Engine was ok. You might have gotten hold of a lemon..
    Ford are going tits up I hear, dont go there eithier. Himself is looking at Porsche Cayenne's you can get a nice one now unbelievable horse power and top end, for just over fifty grand..
    He was dreaming, cant do it yet, but in five years, its a good possiblilty. We are ending up with the ex wifes VW V8 passat for now.

  2. Kick you in the nads?

    Done and done!

  3. Bird:

    I learned my lesson.

    I knew I could count on you.


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