Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Disgruntled Wednesday

Things I can't understand or believe (In no particular order).

  • NBA - All of it. (O. J. should have been a basketball player.)

  • O. J. (Thug of Thugs) Simpson - Will the Juice get squeezed in Vegas?

  • Jacksonville Energy Authority (JEA) - Raise rates about 30% and then we do not even have a hurricane; just a rain making tropical depression and boom; power is out with minor power outages all over Jacksonville. Then they have the audacity to say "Your rates are the lowest in the state". Clue for JEA; they are not the lowest anymore.

  • Mayor of Jacksonville John Peyton - This politician is absolutely "FEE" crazy.

  • The (Green) Governor of Florida Charlie Crist - He is a flake that has bought into the global warming hoax. He has been a real do nothing type but hey; it has only been 9 months or so.

  • The whole "No Snitches" T-Shirt thing - In my opinion "Thugs sticking together for thugs". Grow some "nads" and help the Police Department out. The ass they save may be your own.

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  1. There are lots of things I do not understand, some of which make my brain hurt, just trying to figure out the stupidity and the reasoning of politicians, and state officals why thugs like OJ get away with what they do.

    OJ is in search of publicity, what better way to get it, hence the big smile on his face all the time, if we all ignored the bastid he wouldnt get what he wants..

    The Goldman family are financially benefiting from this whole debacle and im not sure if I agree with that either, but, OJ does owe them about sixty million from the private lawsuite they filed against him for the death of Ron Goldman.

    As for the job opp, so far he has not returned my call.. I believe if it looks too good to be true it probably is.. and also I think the jobs they want people for are for contracts with major chain stores like Home Depot. I want something permanent.

    I cannot grumble right now, I have put in forty hours this last week I go in with a smile on my face, I leave with a smile on my face but if all I have to contend with are aching feet, I can put up with that.

    I am setting things adrift that I can metaphorically speaking, and job hunting is one stress I need less than a few bucks more and hour.

    Hes doing very well for a Chief as far as income goes, and we are not exactly destitute! I guess my money conscious nature is due to the fact I survived on my own working two jobs for a couple of years before meeting him, so its more of a self-preservation type thing. I spent what seemed like my entire day off at the Driving licensing place trying to find out what I needed to do for that, being military, I dont want to register residency, to get NH plates, and we plan on going back to WA in four years anyways, so I will talk to him about keeping our WA plates, and DVL its going to be easier, throw in the habitual laundry and cleaning and my days almost up! bah humbug! :-)


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