Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tattoos are Taboo? Ranting in general.

I remember Basic Training in the U.S.A.F. (1981.)

San Antonio Texas was after about six weeks in Basic Training, a wonderful sounding place where we were to have our first Liberty. We all boarded a bus and headed towards San Antonio. Everyone was jubilant. I went there for some sightseeing (Chicks) and pizza or some other fast food (I was a fast food junkie).

We went to see the Alamo. I would say it is a must see. If only digital cameras were around then. This part of the trip I enjoyed completely.

Then it was off to the San Antonio Zoo! We heard a rumor about Chicks going to the Zoo, because that was what Chicks did back then I guess with no risk of getting impregnated.

After the dry run at the Zoo we headed over and found a Pizza Hut. We sat down and gorged ourselves on pizza, pasta, salad and many, many bread sticks. Over gallons of Coke-Cola we then discussed tattoos. Myself being patriotic as hell thought about a U.S.A.F. on my shoulder. Then, there was to be the American Flag. Then, in addition to the Flag was a "Live Free Or Die" near the Flag.

I never once considered a rebel flag, anything with flames, Mom, skull, spider, Scorpions, (although I like the rock band) or most anything I could imagine at the time. When we arrived at the tattoo parlor I was asking myself; what do you really want on your arm? It may be where ever you put it for the rest of your life so I needed to be sure this is what I wanted.

I opted not to get any skin illustrations done that day because I wanted to be sure of what it was, where it was, and how big it was going to be.

Now on to the Rant: (Source.)

The "tattoo community" is a bunch of freaks trying to normalize what is abnormal. The story in the Orlando Slantinal says it all.

This is a story about some poor bastard with no foresight at all. He and the so called "Tattoo community: live for the now, never considering that they may live a very long time and may look like freaks from a circus sideshow when all is said and done. He made a choice to run a tattoo parlor and that may well his only job for the rest of his life.

It does not look cool to be tattooed from head to toe. It is a fetish and just plain freaky. To expect someone to hire you when you look like a speckled freak is unreasonable. It tends to make someone question your mental capabilities being covered in Tattoos. There are more people out there who do not want to see the tattoos or be served by someone who is a tattooed mess. It makes ill when I see the tattoos. I do not go to places where there are tattoo covered people I have to deal with for services. This means stores lose business when they hire tattooed employees.

Being overly/excessively tattooed and criminal activity are synonymous.

In closing it seems that more and more young people are not able to think beyond now.
He is organizing an advocacy group to fight for greater tolerance for those with visible tattoos.
They screw up. Then they want to form advocacy groups to help fix the short sighted decisions they made when they were younger. I believe that parenting is a big issue here.

The guy in the story wised up a little too late and now he has to deal with his prior decisions just like everyone else. Some of us made different choices.

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