Monday, July 30, 2007

The sickess man on earth; Jack McClellan.

Hat tip to Lost in Lima Ohio

Jack McClellan
His face and name should be where very parent can see it.

He is the worst kind. A monster who uses his website to feed the need of pedophiles all over the world.

McClellan has recently been featured in national and local news reports in which he admits operating an Internet website catering to pedophiles. It is reported that McClellan traveled all over Washington State and photographed young girls in public settings. In the news reports McClellan admits being a pedophile who is sexually attracted to young girls.


  1. fraudarena14:12

    This isnt just about Jack - it's about a whole online predator social networking community that is extremely well organized. Jack is allegidly living with one of his peers from now in CA. I have written about this in my blog this morning:

  2. I agree with you. It is a huge problem. This freak is just another one out there. He is doing this and thinking he can get away with it. In my opinion he is one of the worst. He is openly flaunting his sickness and feeding the other predators.

  3. There's worse than Jack out there, after all, Jack was nice enough to go on TV and show his face- giving us a chance to see who he is, and thus keep an eye out for his demented self. The really scary ones- those who are doing this in secret, under fake user names online- and seemingly innocent people we meet on the streets and in the parks.

    btw, thanks for the linky love :D

  4. Lilo; you are welcome. You have a great site. Keep up the great work!

  5. you might want to check out this news report

    I found his site... won't link it here, but the photos on it make Jack look innocent.

  6. Thanks for the INFO LILO.


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