Monday, June 25, 2007

Humane and dignified death.

I still do not understand why this is an issue. These convicts murdered their victims without giving them dignity or being humane about it. Angel Diaz got what he deserved. If he had not killed his victim then he would not have been in the unenviable position of being on that final gurney. I hope he thought about his crime for those 34 minutes.

I know it is in our Founding Documents.

Enough of this; it is time to get the executions going again, 380 on death row is way too many. Texas is the only state that seems to be keeping up with the executions.

TAMPA, Jun 5 (IPS) - Two newly-trained teams of executioners committed to the principle of "humane and dignified death" are ready to go into action as soon as Florida's new governor Charlie Crist starts signing death warrants for the state's 380 death row inmates -- but no one knows yet who will be the first to be executed after the lifting of a four-month moratorium.

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