Thursday, June 28, 2007

Editorial: House Of Horrors?

Where else do you house monsters? House of Horrors sounds like a great place to me. These monsters who demonstrate at every turn they cannot be allowed in a lawful decent society. Try the House of Horrors. I simply do not want to hear about the monsters being victims. The monsters are there because a jury of their peers found them guilty; guilty enough to be executed. I do not care about their backgrounds or what ever has happened to them from other monsters. They had a choice, and they chose to be monsters. Why did they not find God before sitting on death row? Once on death row you have time to think about the monstrous carnage that you have wrought.

Stanford psychology professor Philip Zimbardo,who conducted the experiment remarks, "Prisons are failed social-political experiments" that consistently bring out the worst in relations between people "because the public is indifferent to what takes place in secret there, and politicians use them, fill them up as much as they can, to demonstrate only that they are tough on crime. They are as bad for the guards as the prisoners in terms of their destructive impact on self-esteem, sense of justice and human compassion."

In response to professor Zimbardo; When showing compassion to a monster, the monster sees only weakness and then you have a very good chance of becoming a victim.

In closing I feel that the appeals process and how long it takes prevents the survivors of the victim speedy justice. You leave a monster in a house of horrors and after some time most of the monsters will say that they have in fact, found God (like He was lost), Allah or whomever. The average time is at least 10 years to wait while appeals process continue and run their course. That is plenty of time to collect pen pals (90% of whom would become cadavers in a morgue somewhere if left alone with the so called "pen pal"). The monsters also stroke the anti-capital punishment crowd who it seems care more for the monsters than the victims or their survivors. The anti-capital punishment crowd says "all death is wrong" and they speak on behalf of some monster who has caused death. This silly judgment makes little sense to me.

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