Friday, June 29, 2007

Broward Mother Indicted For First-Degree Murder

I really hate these types of things. Murdering an innocent child is monstrous. Only psychopaths can convince themselves they can get away with murder. The Death Penalty was made for monsters like this.

Woman Accused Of Killing Baby In Trash Chute. (Source)

Some things you read and cannot believe. If this is not a death sentence I do not know what is.

Truitt, 18, of Solon, Iowa, told police she hid her pregnancy from her parents and boyfriend. They were all staying at the Wyndham Resort in Pompano Beach when authorities found a bloody knife in the hallway and the newborns body in a trash bin June 2, said Broward County sheriff's officials.

At least someone found the bloody knife and did something about it or who would have ever known. Infanticide is the worst evil imaginable. I wonder how her parents feel.

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