Friday, September 27, 2013

The Friday Pin Up

It is another Friday that I hope finds you well and happy while surviving the ravages of the government running amok.

This is the way I like my coffee.

This is the way the Friday should be.

This fun looking Gal would make for a great evening!

Be safe, Have fun and do some quality hating on the RINOs this weekend. The GOP is diseased, putrefied and dying.


  1. I want some of that COFFEE!

  2. Coffee never looked so good, and it just made mine taste better.

  3. A great Friday to you LOOONG time, Sir!!!

  4. Could I have one of each please. An I couldn't agree more on the GOP Admiral. They are dead to me.
    Third Party ! Bring it.

  5. A little ginger with my coffee would be just fine!

  6. Anonymous11:27

    I love them blonde and sweet

  7. I'd take coffee from ANY of them... :-) And yeah RINOs suck!!!


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