Sunday, March 03, 2013

Signs of Lying.

Signs of Lying
  • Disguised smiling
  • Lack of head movement
  • Increased rate of self-adapters (eg., movements such playing with an object in hands, scratching one’s head etc.)
  • Increased/Heightened pitch of voice
  • Reduced rate of speech
  • Pause fillers (“uh”, “hm”, “er”)
  • Less corresponding, matching nonverbal behavior from the other communication methods (ex. the movement of hands doesn’t match the substance of the lie that is being told orally)


  1. I keep wondering, how did we ever get stuck with this POS ... then I remember, we're America and we as a nation have turned away from God. We truly deserve whatever we get.

  2. We were overpowered by the uninformed, freeloading portion of the population... sigh

  3. Communists have to lie to win their point. The Sheeples of the world eat it up.

  4. How do you tell when Obama is lying... Yep.

  5. When nothing they've ever said comes true?


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