Tuesday, December 11, 2012



  1. Both winners!!! :-)

  2. Anonymous21:41

    Like Odie I am a proud racist

  3. If hating her and her bozo husband makes me a racist, then so be it!! I must be a RACIST with all CAPITALS!!

    Here's a "Friday Pinup for you:


    Gotta love those new-fangled Microkinis!!

  4. I'll bet those things cost more per ounce than gold!

  5. And now, for some perspective... Where is Hillary? The last time we or anyone had heard from her was when the State Department officials notified the press that Madam Hillary Clinton, Queen of Fairy-tales had fallen ill. And while suffering from a terrible tummy ache, Madam Secretary became dehydrated and fainted, and thus suffered from a “concussion". And if you believe that then I have a story to tell you about the Moon being made of Cheese. Since then, Madam Hillary has not been sighted anywhere And to add to that mystery, last week Madam Hillary even missed the State Department’s Christmas party, where food was in abundance. Now think of this, for Madam Hillary to miss an abundance of free food... well that would be a first in a life time event.
    Now with the First Moocher around one would think that the menu would be limited to Organic crap like Tofu and Veggies, but Oh, no! This was a first-rate affair complete with top shelf wine, champagne, eggnog and various other libations such as Cosmopolitans and even top shelf Bourbon. There was an elaborate buffets heavy on Shrimp, hors d’oeuvres and the works, there was 12 butlers passing around smoked salmon, steamed lobster, raw oysters on the half shell, and stone crab claws. There were carving stations for turkey, sliced steak, and a giant ham.
    And then came the High Light of the evening.
    As each couple entered the house, they received a ticket stamped with a time to report to the receiving line on the upper level to meet the President and the First Moocher and pose with them for an official photo that would be hand signed at a later date and mailed to you.
    No, sorry but no one was allowed to take photos on their own... There was a strict notice that NO pictures were to be taken with the Obama's. I guess that they didn’t want anyone to sell them to a tabloid.
    Anyway, Mrs. Obama, was wearing a sleeveless purple dress that showed her bulging biceps . But where was Hillary?


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