Monday, December 17, 2012

From the admistration that brought you Fast and Furious

Is shamelessly politicizing the evil that took place in an elementary school. Why? Because of his political agenda and the liberal fear of an armed society.

With every thought and word.

The 0bama administration is loaded with it.


  1. Admiral, PERFECTLY stated.

  2. The dead children that don't count if you're a liberal.

  3. I'm curious to hear the ratings of NBC Sunday night while the Pantload was speaking and all of we football fans switched to CNBC.

  4. Anonymous15:42

    The left has been committing these murders since Roe vs Wade

  5. President Obama used the six weeks after his election to remain in full campaign mode and attack the GOP relentlessly with the intent of marginalizing House Speaker John Boehner.
    Obama REFUSES to address "Operation Fast & Furious."and yet he is so out spoken when it comes to the NRA.
    More than three hundred people are DEAD because of Obama and Holder, almost TWELVE TIMES the number of dead in Sandy Hook, Connecticut....
    It's a well known fact that gun laws aren´t aimed at criminals but average law abiding citizens.The worst shooting areas in the country all probably have assault weapons bans
    WHY was Obama FORCING GUNS into the hands of Mexican drug cartels?

    WHY is he hiding behind executive privilege?

    WHY are these networks refusing to seek the TRUTH in this matter?

    If the NRA is going to be persecuted for standing up for Second Amendment rights, Barack Obama and his cronies should be persecuted with the FACTS!
    The whole point of the liberal/progressive movement is to free the government from the constitution and thereby replace freedom with a socialist dictatorship. We have more than enough laws. These killers are crazy they don't obey the laws, so why punish the public with more laws that aren't going to mean anything to these crazy people.


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