Thursday, October 11, 2012

0bama fans

Since Twitter seems to be the place where the ignoramuses seem to let loose with all their rioting intentions you think they would at least use hash tags. SodaHead has links to some of the more enlightening tweets.

For all the 0bama fans (I can't possible call them voters because they are morons of the lowest grade) who feel that they must riot. Is it because the parasite nation (read as 0bama fans) are fearful they will now have to become productive members of society again rather than continuing to be leeches, fleas, ticks and other disagreeable organisms over the last four years? Having to do an honest day of work makes you imbeciles want to riot?

 What a credit you are to society. Think of how pathetic your lives really are. If you don't keep getting free stuff, you riot? That explains everything better than anything I could say. If you riot, riot in your own neighborhood. If you try it in my neighborhood you will find people who work for things, keeping things they have in good condition will not be putting up with your destructive ignorance.


  1. The line is drawn in the sand in my neighborhood.

  2. Mine, too.

    They're the grasshoppers, we're the ants. If they can't be productive because of laziness, then let nature run its course, and they'll eventually die off.

    These people just want the fish. Trying to teach them to fish for themselves is useless.


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