Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I will not be calling it Patriots Day.

There are Patriots out there everyday doing brave and heroic things. There were also many who did truly brave and heroic things on that September morning as well.

For myself it will always be 9-11. On that beautiful Tuesday morning a group of cowardly muslim deviants hijacked commercial airlines filled with passengers and crashed them into buildings filled with noncombatants. Hence the word cowardly.

The biggest reason I will not be calling this day Patriots day is because I believe that it just another way that the leftist's and liberal's want to obfuscate the true meaning of what happened. This is a lame attempt at not offending muslims by tying the tragic events of September 11th to that sad and disturbing religion. Many of them seem compelled to scream "allah snackbar" just before doing something cowardly and destructive.

I just don't have the "love" for the Freedom Tower that I had for the WTC. It could be because they took so long to get the thing built or perhaps I just preferred the twins.


  1. I agree 100% Admiral!

  2. Anonymous18:05


  3. So many people talk about the people 'who died' there. No one died, they were murdered. And yes, Patriots didn't get involved until after. Except for Flt 93. That that POS bloomberg wants to let the islamics build a celebration center as they have done at the site of each of their other mass murders throughout history is beyond comprehension. Geez, I'll just stop here.

  4. And now, the museum cannot open until at least 2014 because the gov. and mayor can't stop arguing...

    Yeah, USA... I saw Patriot Day on the calendar and my first thought was, "Dafuq is that?!?"

    No, it is 9-11!!!

  5. Agreed ... GOD BLESS AMERICA !


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