Sunday, July 08, 2012

Typical occupy Wall Street basement dwelling?


I would not even go down there with out my shots currently updated and a self contained bio-hazard suit!

This is what you can have with a liberal arts degree. You can also get butt raped, scabies and arrested by local law enforcement for being a ne'er-do-well hippie retread.


  1. Where did you get the photo of my basement? Just kidding, I live in Florida and we don't have basements...

    Actually, I'm trying to revitalize my old blog The Born Again Americans and would appreciate your stopping by...

  2. That's the crawl space of his parents home.

    I said that stealing that banner above was the surest form of flattery, but Sir you have honored me way past that. Thanks for the honor.

  3. Looks like a typical college crash pad to me. And one that shows a mastery of economics on behalf of the inhabitants: there's only so much energy to go around while in college. Most of it spent guzzling beer, studying, cramming, reading, attending class and eating pizza. Did I mention beer guzzling?

    In any event, with all of this frenetic activity, the wise college sophomore will resist the temptation to over-extend themselves and their limited energy by picking up after themselves. They will have the rest of their lives for that.

    I imagine what we see here is the future Secretary of Defense. That, or a resident of Soledad Prison. Hard to tell, really, it's early...

  4. Admiral ! That looks like the dwelling of every libtard posting on the net.

    Fantastic. hahaa

    Fredd, YEa, definitely a future democrat White House intern.

  5. Banner at the top has been stolen and can be found on my facebook wall!! Ha ha, the picture thief strikes again!

  6. Nah, just nasty fapping anime fan.

  7. Anonymous17:56

    You should have seen the room before they cleaned it.


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