Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The man child bastard comes to Jacksonville on Thursday

This ought to be a real good time . . .

Yes, dogs in Jacksonville have a reason to be running scared. Brain dead liberals, parasites, the state run media along with assorted leeches and other vermin have been gifted by a visit from "teh 0ne".

Tomorrow they will be slobbering all over themselves like starving dogs over a ham bone while waiting for what ever "teh 0ne" is redistributing to the freeloaders from productive individuals. Mr. Hope and Change, The healer of the racial divide. The one who will heal the world with just a scowl will be here. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

I wonder if he will flip Romney the bird like he did McCain McRino one of the times he was here in Jacksonville? Probably.


The leech and parasite tour could not possibly end without seeing the big old red caboose.

Dat Klingon ass!


  1. Oh boy, he's going to be in Ft. Myers on Friday... If only I was a supporter and didn't work, perhaps I could go see him... Ah but no thanks to the A**HOLE - N - CHIEF, I have a job and will be working...

  2. So will I, oh wait, we're one and the same...

  3. Give em both barrels Admiral. :)

  4. Hope you don't mind, I "borrowed" a few pics for "redistribution". I left the fat ass one. To vile for my taste.


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