Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lugar is KAPUT


Based on the projection Lugar will get the honor of being an ex-senator before he gets the visit from the grim reaper. He looks every single day of 80 years old too. Story

 One dead RINO and a long list of others.

The TEA Party is out there, RINOs need to beware. I can't wait for this to happen to John McCain McLame on his next re-election attempt.


  1. 80? My God bury that RINO. John McLame should of been defeated last time, but the Arizona voters let us down.

  2. RINO weaklings need not apply

  3. John McLame? That'd be nice Admiral, but remember this is the state that made janet "the most incompetent lesian on the face of the Earth" napilatano the freakin Governor.

    But I do love it every time a RINO gets ousted. I believe a Bell Rings each time as well.

  4. Anonymous00:25

    Time for a larger RINO Hunt


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