Friday, December 16, 2011

The oldest decoration I own.

It's about twenty five years old.

Testing Blogger+ for the iPad.


  1. Admiral~ It's beautiful!
    I must confess I don't have my tree up yet. Hoping to get her done this weekend.

  2. I was wondering where that ended up !

  3. There was a family collection. I got one and my sister got the rest. My sister passed away and all are gone but the one I had ... oh well. Oh, it's about 80 years old.

  4. Wow! That's beautiful!

    Odie, that's a real shame.

  5. We don't put up our big tree these days because our living room is, more or less, my husband's hospital room.

    However, I do have many of Mom's and Dad's ornaments. Not the old, old ones, though. I wonder what happened to those?

  6. I have some real old ones also.
    This is a beauty


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