Saturday, December 31, 2011

As we close out this year

Let us remember that 0bama is not the only issue. He is a big one in our immediate future but he is not the only one.

Remember what islam is, and then remember this . . .

Is this same the religion of peace we are all told about by leftist media spin? The parents of the girl in this story are also prime examples of the muslim problem. To muslims this seems to be the norm.

In islam it is submit or die. It will be our sons and daughters that will have to deal with this oppressive mess.


  1. I cannot wrap my mind around leftist support/dhimmitude regarding Islam.

    They would be the first ones on the chopping block should the Islamists get their way!

  2. Anonymous13:37

    I agree with Odie

  3. LOTS of glass.....

  4. Now Admiral, it's those offensive Nativity Scenes we need to worry about right?

  5. I agree completely! Our children are the most important thing!


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