Saturday, October 29, 2011

Occupants of 0bamaville Atlanta

The most expensive thing in the Republic is stupidity.

Talks a lot and say nothing comprehensible.

Please God smite these ignorant losers.


  1. Was that drugs or stupidity ?

  2. It must be stupidity. Not even drugs could make someone so wrong.

  3. Concur, Stupidity...

  4. Anonymous11:37

    Terminal dumb a$$

  5. I fully support getting these folks, all of them, a one way ticket to their Safe land of choice, and to never return.

    It will be money well spent though the tons of money we will otherwise invest in their haphazard, criminal, medical, weight on the community future.

    Imagine with king oblabbers free college for everyone exec order, the colleges will be drowning in these kinds of people. This one is already working up excuses for why she don't have her homework done.

  6. "You know" I didn't understand a darn thing she was saying :)

  7. No need to watch this. I see enough of it at work.

  8. Hard to believe she is a pHD and teaches Gender and Racial Equality at Duke University and was named Professor of the Year.


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