Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frank Martinez Garcia Executed

Texas serves justice.

Frank Martinez Garcia, 39, was executed by lethal injection on 27 October 2011 in Huntsville, Texas for the murder of his wife and a police officer during an argument.

On 29 March 2001 in San Antonio, Jessica Garcia, 21, called her stepmother, Sylvia Duran, and said she was ready to leave the home she was sharing with her husband, Frank, then 28, their two children, 5 and 2, and Frank's parents. Duran came to pick her up, bringing Jessica's uncle and aunt, John and Rosario Luna.

Meanwhile, Frank's mother, Eustacia Garcia, 68, called her son at work to alert him that Jessica was attempting to leave with the children. He rushed home to stop her.

When Duran and the Lunas arrived, Jessica came outside. Frank then rushed up, grabbed his wife in a headlock, and dragged her inside.

San Antonio police officer Hector Garza, 48, arrived at the house. It was his second visit to the home that morning. He went inside and entered the bedroom where the couple was arguing. When he attempted to separate them, Garcia, who had his back to Garza, suddenly spun around and shot him in the head with a Mac-10 semiautomatic handgun. He then shot Jessica six times, killing her. He then went outside, firing wildly until he was out of ammunition. He went back inside, picked up an AK-47 rifle, and shot Garza again as he lay on the ground. Source

If you have time to read the whole link you will see this animal should have been executed long ago.


  1. Read the link.
    Agree with you this animal should have already been executed.
    I blame his mom for calling him home when she knew how violent he had been before and she deserved the time they gave her. If she served it.

  2. Anonymous11:35

    He needed to have been killed years sooner


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