Monday, October 17, 2011

Eye bleach required for 2012 Super Bowl

That and some brain bleach too?

Coming to the super bowl  . . . The Vag? There is no Photoshop for live TV.

OMFG!!!!  Why on earth would they want to inflict "this" on people watching the game?

The look in Arhhnuld's eyes says it all.


  1. Who the heck is it??

  2. I guessitt is a good thing you did not recognize Madona.

  3. Admiral, she is holding up pretty good for a gal her eighties...

  4. The real question is why people still support this idiot sport with their hard earned money. It's a sport that not only puts up these idiots (and their idiot politics) for your entertainment, but now is advocating and supporting TSA like tactics. Yes, now, you are paying for you and your family to be groped, probed, and molested.

  5. Arnold likes the udders.

    I'm happy to say my TV has more than one channel during Half Time. Hear that advertisers?

  6. Thanks, Admiral!
    Matt...I agree 100% with you. It's the only "sport" I know of that can turn a "one hour" game into an all-day affair.
    And the salaries they pay these thugs is disgraceful....

  7. Wow, that's even more pathetic than the black eyed peas.

    She's at least 60 right? The rolling stones are old, but at least they got some mojo left, simply from the weirdness. They're like a science experiment these days.

    Though I'm not a pro sports fan anymore anyway.

  8. She was born August 16th, 1958, making her 53 (hard!) years old.

  9. Damn I thought she was older too.


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