Monday, September 12, 2011

Internetless day 2

A real friend invites you over to use their internet for a blog-fest afternoon. My wife had an offer to do that but I decided to just keep roughing it. Football was on as a diversion.

Blogging from my LG phone was better than expected. 

Tomorrow, sometime I will get my lifeline back. It has not been as bad as I thought. I could only imagine what a month of this would be like.

Also, with 50 year old eyesight it is impossible with the less than friendly interface of android to post comments to the blogs I read daily so I will comment when the connection to my laptop has returned.


  1. I feel you pain, Netless.

  2. Anonymous11:29

    I tried to setup a mobile version of my blog using bloggers "click this to setup a mobile version of your site" button but it came back with an error. I'm thinking it does not like my custom CSS.

  3. LOL- I can't read the damn things on an Iphone either... :-)

  4. I hope you're back up soon. :)

    Once, the power went out for a week here. It really wasn't too bad.

  5. Admiral, where do you live? Flood country? Mexico? Wishing you the best.

  6. Wasn't that a soap opera? The Young and the Netless?

    Hope things are back to normal soon!


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