Sunday, September 11, 2011

Internetless day 1

The lack of internet service has me checking email at McDonalds and hanging out at the mall with some creepy looking folks at the internetcafe.  Posting should resume on the 14th.

I finally downloaded the android app for blogger and after a couple of hours I manage to get it to work.

I never new how much I relied on the internet for news.


  1. I sure do! Hang in there!

  2. Anonymous18:27

    Be safe

  3. "hanging out at the mall with some creepy looking folks at the internetcafe"

    Haha - Is there any other kind these days?

  4. Hang in there, and watch out for the creeps...

  5. Just a few more days to go :)
    Hang on

  6. Revenge of the nerds isn't just a movie anymore ... it's a way of life. You be careful out there!


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