Thursday, July 07, 2011

Why I miss

Maricopa County Arizona.

I wonder if the inhabitants of Tent City experienced this?

Call me crazy about missing that. In Florida when you see a cloud coming at you like that, it is mosquitoes.


  1. I believe this dust cloud originated in either "Tent City" or the Washington DC area...both of which are home to a bunch of dirt bags. JG;)

  2. Flash floods and flash dust ... you can have it.

  3. Keep the dust, We have enough blood suckers around here too.

  4. In Florida that might be a cloud of mosquitoes. Or it could be the city guy in his pickup truck with the giant sprayer in the back trying to kill them.

  5. Relevant:

  6. I lived in AZ for 20 years. This happened Every April without fail.

    not a big deal.


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