Thursday, July 28, 2011

Too much McCain

War hero or not.  He is a worthless RINO now, a pale and pathetic image of what he once was.

He needs to STFU and GTFO.


  1. Time for this one to go home...

  2. Yes, he really needs to shush-up...

  3. I feel like I've been totally McCained.

  4. I missed what he said; I must go hit Google.

    God help us if the GOP decides to run another like him against Obama. McCain is a gutless whelp now.

  5. Anonymous11:58

    I needed a reminder of why comrade chairman obamao is president, a picture of McLame is just the ticket.

  6. Anonymous14:23

    The guy who ran against him for the GOP nomination wasn't very strong. We didn't have much choice but to reelect this flaming RINO.

    Arizona apologizes and promises to try to do better next time.

  7. He's pathetic! Hannity (whom I am moderately like) ripped him a new one last night about his Mordor speech. All this old RINO gasbag could come up with for a defense was "I was only reading the WSJ editorial".

    Just. Go. Away.

  8. Agree, and romney is even worse. A political whore who doesn't even have McCain's America service in his cap.
    No wonder the dem media loves romney.

    Time for JM to head for the pasture.

  9. I sooo want that asshole out of office LOOONG time!!!


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