Saturday, July 09, 2011

The fiasco that was.

Innocence lost.
A child was killed and no one will ever know what happened. It is terrible to imagine Caylee's final hours on earth. Being born to an unfit mother and party girl always seems to end in the most tragic of ways. How many people are called Mother or Father and have no reason to carry that title?

As for the State of Florida asking for the death I believe it was overly optimistic. The condition of Caylee Anthony's remains would have made cause of death difficult to determine. It gave the defense all they needed to insert the "she drown in the family pool and everybody covered it up because they were scared" or any number of hypothetical reasons that this clearly dysfunctional family could dream of. Probable, whether or not it happened. Probable cause and you will get no death sentence conviction. Perhaps some other charge that might put her behind bars for at least 15 to 20. I honestly believe the State thought there was some very incriminating evidence out there that never was.  It is sad this little child had to endure this and we are left to wonder what really happened.

The system worked as the State could not prove guilt on the counts it sought. Right or wrong that was the way it was set up. It is hard to accept with cases like these. Would different counts such as child abuse or neglect have done better? We will never know.

My daughter has been missing for 30 days.
The media played a part in this as well. Now we will have to endure this Casey Anthony side show in news stories for a long time brought to you by the same bias media. I am just waiting for her to get hers like O.J. Simpson finally got his.

I hope she is sued into oblivion and has to live under a bridge in Orange County somewhere as a crack whore. Maybe we will read of her grisly demise and no one will be brought to justice over it.


  1. This case has really bothered me. A murderer was set free!

    I agree that the state overcharged with the death penalty and wished they had added the child neglect/abuse to their charges. But I can't help but to feel the jury didn't do their job.

    I also hope that Casey will pay for what she put her child through and No she wasn't a mother (A mother protects her child) I know I would die for my son.

    Thank You for your post.

  2. Admiral, I wouldn't change a word.

  3. And now this woman is already talking about wanting to get pregnant!


  4. Anonymous11:52

    I don't get it. She was tried, found innocent of the charges by a jury of her piers, and there are people who believe she's still *got* be to guilty of something and should be strung up.

    This is an emotional response cowed by the media.

    Remember Caesar, he who controls the mob controls Rome.

  5. Anonymous11:53

    "peers" Damned it.

  6. Agree, the jury did it's job, which was to consider ONLY what was put in front of them...


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