Thursday, June 09, 2011

I would like to thank the denizens of Florida's 20th district for this abject humiliation

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz.
The hyphen in her last name indicates confusion
and the inability to make up her small and deranged
little mind.

Again, thanks to the complete loons and
moonbats that brought this idiot to the forefront of
American politics while making sure everyone knows the
caliber of idiot we have in abundance here in Florida.
She is not Nancy Pelosi (yet) but give her some time
and I am sure she will be someday.


  1. I've heard of this woman's idiocy before.

    She's sure to go far in leftist politics.

  2. She is sure to become a complete embarrassment to the dems and make her predecessor Howard Dean look like Churchill!

  3. We won't hold you responsible Admiral....Heh.

  4. See what's on that back wall? That tells you it would be impossible for me to have seen it.

  5. She is just plain scary...

  6. I'd say shultz got just what he deserves.

    Who the hell uses a slang name in politics. 'debbie' ? I'd certainly use Debra. If...

    I'm tellin ya man with the hyphen girls... we had a creature out here, couple summers ago. young baby in SUV back seat baby seat. She is in school administration. Drove to school in morning. Parked, got out. Forgot, then Remembered to go back to the van.... to get the donuts she bought for breakfast. Back into the school. Comes out later to find dead baby from heat exhaustion. No charges.
    Name? Nesselroad-Slaby. I'll never forget it. And she was as ugly as janet the lesbian head of DHS.


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