Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Were you better off in every way before the 0bama regime?

Hell yes! 

You guys want to post a copy of your insane gas prices?
This is just one example.

Some voter guilt?
HNIC is history and not nearly soon enough!


  1. Painful. I filled my son's truck and 20 gallons in the spare tank. $160...

  2. Darn shame. They should have been passing out these hats on election day. All they had to do was tell everyone that they are free.....

    The gas prices may go down soon, but it won't last long. I have both my wife and I filling up every couple of days now in case some thing happens and their is a sudden rush on the gas supplies.

  3. Northwest Louisiana - $3.64 but still creeping up slowly.

  4. North~Carolina $3.83 here!

  5. Got a half tank for 45 clams the other day. That got my attention.
    Obama and his big oil buddies are going to squeeze us.

  6. Texas $3.79 here.

  7. $4.499 along I-5 in California today.

    Every gas pump and filling station sign should point to "anybody but Obama" in 2012.

  8. Anonymous12:26

    $3.89 a few days ago out here in BF Arizona.

  9. It's $3.89 here in the greater Cincinnati area, down from $4.20.

    Go Obama. Yeah.

  10. Nice price!
    I paid $4.08 a gallon at Nas Jax.

    Drill here, drill now!


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