Sunday, May 22, 2011


Pathetic is the word I choose to use whenever I see the 0bama with other world leaders since this is how he looks, acts and presents himself.

In the above picture we see the 0bama stuck in a photo op pose. During this time the 0bama is being handed his ass. His attempt to look presidential has failed. The 0bama's tiny brain rages with anger having been blasted on national television.

In the picture bellow we see how differently the two leaders spent their young lives. Who would you want leading your country in this very dangerous time?

                Warrior.                                  Metro-sexual, community organizing islamic toady.
Thanks to all the assholes that voted for him, I hope you are still looking for jobs.


  1. Netanyahu is a leader and acts like one. Obama tries to look the way he thinks a leader should look.

    Great pic, by the way!

  2. Great pic, I'm truly sorry I missed the ass whippin...

  3. Metro-sexual, community organizing islamic toady...Well done Admiral!

  4. Never send a child to do a man's job... POTUS used to stand for something other than Pampas Obtuse Traitor Undermining Security...

  5. ooh the warrior was a hunk!

  6. Ah, to be a fly on that wall!

  7. I stole the pic (with attribution, of course) and labeled it "Netanyahu and Our Yahoo: The Early Years".

  8. our yahoo LOL! How true.. 2012 cant get her quick enough

  9. Barry always looked in those old pictures like a over admired wussy boy! I'm sure the girls loved to be around him.

  10. Anonymous12:59

    The leader vs the misleader

  11. No leadership experience, no managerial experience - Never worked an honest day in his life and that includes his time at Hahvard.

    And people expect him to somehow gain all of the traits of what the above could have provided just because they vote him into the White House?

    That's the state of evaluation and decision making our high school grads and college students and grads are [in]capable of. It's Pathetic, just like oblabber.

    Go back to the 1967 borders? I'm guessing one of his 20-something speech writers came up with that for him.

    Netenyahu schooled him like he would a little boy. And I'll bet oblabber isn't even smart enough to be embarrassed by it.

  12. Anonymous12:06

    Great pic!


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