Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jeffery Motts Executed

Crackhead Jeffery Motts has been executed in South Carolina. Source

The events that led him to his early demise was crack addiction. In his delusions he believes it was not his fault blaming it on crack. It is never the crack addicts fault is it?

Motts' journey to the death chamber began in the medium-security Perry Correctional Institution around 4 a.m. Dec. 5, 2005, as Motts was playing cards with his cellmate. Motts told investigators he asked Martin why he lied about a stolen radio and Martin replied with a threat, saying "it was either you or me."

Motts said it sent him into a rage. He punched Martin in the head, knocking him out long enough for Motts to tear a bedsheet and bind his cellmate's arms and legs and tie him to the bottom bunk. Martin regained consciousness and begged Motts for his life. Motts testified at his trial he then choked Martin to death.

Motts said he later dragged Martin's body to a common area, kicked him in the head and said "this is what snitches get."

Both men had asked prison officials to separate them. Martin was only a few weeks away from finishing his five-year sentence for assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature and trespassing. His family received an $85,000 settlement from the state after his death.

Motts was serving a life sentence for killing his 73-year-old great-aunt and a 79-year-old man in her home in Spartanburg County in 1995. Authorities said Motts robbed the pair because he wanted money for crack.

"Remember, this is a crime that is a virtual copy of his first two murders," prosecutor Bob Ariail said in his closing statement in the trial for Martin's killing. "Tied them up. Vulnerable. Couldn't hurt him. Killed them. Says he can't remember it, It's a rage. It was a blind rage. It was all like a dream. I was on crack. It was not my fault." Source

As I said earlier, for most of them it is never their fault.


  1. Good riddance. What a piece of filth.

  2. Good riddance :-)

  3. Anonymous15:30

    One less scumbag


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