Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Back in the old days I thought I could eat Mayo with anything. Since that was about 21 years ago and they say your taste buds change about every seven years or so I do not feel the same way.

This is not me, nor do I recommend this type of self abuse. Back in the day maybe, today there is no way in hell.

Today in my life less (mayo) is better and sometimes no mayonnaise is best.


  1. A mayo donut sure sounds good with the morning coffee. Have you been decorating around here lately?

  2. Yeah, I got a bad critique. Posts need to be black words on white background for ease of reading. So I am in a state of flux until I get the feel going on a color scheme.

  3. Oh, gawd! Doughnuts and Mayo? I shudder to think about the calories in just one!

    Actually, this sounds like a pretty good practical joke... Heh.

  4. FWIW, I'm using Firefox 4 and sadly I cannot read your new font...

    But it looks cool :)

  5. I just D/L Firefox 4 and fixed it. I wondered why when I changed the font nothing happened. Now it is fixed. Thanks Kid!

  6. My pleasure sir.

  7. Ugghhhhhh. That's just terrible!


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