Monday, March 14, 2011

A bully bites the dust

When Casey snapped the bully got his. Warning it is graphic.


YouTube is YouTube and they blow most times.

Here is another site on the story with video.

Schools are either bad or good. If there are bullies in the school, then it just plain bad.


  1. Hurray for the not so little, little guy! You should always be bigger than the one you're bullying, and that isn't always perfect.

  2. Aww, it says the video has been removed from youtube. I miss everything!

  3. It is on Facebook too. I will link to it.

  4. Thanks Admiral,I got to watch it on the facebook link! The bigger kid (Casey) I dont think should have been suspended from school..
    I bet that little punk thinks twice before he will mess with him again..
    Great Post~Thanks

  5. You can tell he was raised not to fight. But boy did he get back at that kid!

    I also want to say that the kid taking the vid is a ghoul. Help Casey for once!

  6. Whoa! You know what they say about messing with the bull!

  7. Good for Casey, and I'll bet the little bully thinks twice about trying that again... And no the school should NOT have suspended Casey.

  8. Anonymous00:45

    Pay back is a bit@h


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