Saturday, December 04, 2010

Worst one ever?

It appears that he is the One.

9.8% Adjusted Unemployment.
Gas Prices on the Rise.
Radical Environmentalism.
Condones Radical islam.
Race Mongering.
Class Warfare.
Extravagant Vacationing.
Ever Expanding and Intrusive Government.
Obama Kare for stitches in his lip.

I hope everyone that voted for this turd got what they wanted and loses most of what they have because of it.

That is all.


  1. Yes, he's lowered the low bar set by Jimmy Carter.

  2. Agree with LL, and I just paid $3.43 gal for gas... sigh

  3. Just when I think this clown can't get any worse...

  4. You know that with this turd, as soon as he hits rock bottom he'll break out a pick axe and keep on digging.

  5. Your list describes everything he wanted.

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  7. The sad part lots of people would NEVER vote for this turd will lose lots also.

  8. For the record, The Illustrated Conservative posted this in election day:

    The Obama Baseline 11/04/08
    The inflation rate was 3.7%
    Unemployment was 6.5%

    The prime was at 4%
    The Dow closed at 9,625
    The NASDAQ closed at 1,780
    The S&P closed at 1,005
    Oil was $60 a barrel.

    ..the other figures might come and go, but it sure is a damning sign of his incompetence that the employment rate was MORE THAN three points lower.

  9. Very Well Said Admiral.


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