Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Michael Benge Executed

Ohio serves Justice in the case of Judith Gabbard.

Michael Benge was sentenced to death for beating his girlfriend.

Judith Gabbard was beaten with a tire iron. Benge needed to hide his terrible deed. He weighted her body down with some concrete and callously dumped her remains in the Miami River. Source


  1. This is number eight for us.

    What hacks me off is the lavish meal they give these scum before they kill them. Did the victim get any such sendoff?

  2. I look at it as a Happy Meal.
    We are all happy that this is their last meal.

  3. Anonymous18:19

    Good Riddance

  4. Wish they would follow the "Do unto Others" When it comes to justice for these scumbags!Just so they will feel the same pain their victims endured!

  5. Some people should have a rheostat for a control on the chair, not an on/off switch. And no sponge on their head. Or, if injected, use acid. But if we must remain humane in our executions, as we should really I suppose, Then it is good he is gone.

    I do prefer stopsign's theory in all truth. Do unto others as they have done to others. Method same as reason.

  6. Good riddance to rubbish. Only I don't think these savages deserve to be treated humanely on their decent to hell. They should be made to suffer and feel the pain that the victims went through and the suffering the families endure that will last a lifetime.


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