Thursday, September 23, 2010

Teresa Lewis Executed

Virginia serves justice.

How did she get to this point?
JARRATT — The first woman executed in the United States in five years was put to death in Virginia on Thursday for arranging the killings of her husband and a stepson over a $250,000 insurance payment.
This does not sound like the plotting of a borderline retarded person.
Lewis enticed two men through sex, cash and a promised cut in an insurance policy  to shoot her husband, Julian Clifton Lewis Jr., and his son, Charles, as they were sleeping in the couple’s mobile home in October 2002. Both triggermen were sentenced to life in prison and one committed suicide in 2006.
Defense attorneys always make dramatic statements when someone is executed like this one.
“Tonight the death machine exterminated the beautiful childlike and loving spirit of Teresa Lewis,” said her lawyer, James Rocap. Source
I don't believe the childlike and loving spirit part at all, She was only sorry because she was caught.

Teresa Lewis. Credit: Media General News Service.


  1. Childlike and loving? May she enjoy jumping in the fire and hugging Satan.

  2. Anonymous14:52

    It should have happened sooner.

  3. I agree! She was only "sorry" that she got caught!

  4. Equal opportunity executions...I like it!


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