Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mosque near Ground Zero

Why are we the ones that must be tolerant of a religion of radicals?

What is more offensive?
This . . .

this . . .

this . . .

or this . . .

After 9-11-2001 the burning of a koran does not bother me in the least. Burning the flag really bothers me. The fact there is nothing to replace the twin towers after nine years really bothers me. The fact there is even talk about a victory mosque anywhere near Ground Zero is the most offensive for me. It is not an outreach or to promote tolerance or even an understanding of islam. It is a victory mosque meant to stick a thumb in America's eye. It will prove to muslims everywhere that they have conquered the U.S.

So for everyone that thinks this mosque being built near such hallowed ground is not a problem, I can only assume you have forgotten what happened nine years ago. Those that forget are doomed to repeat it until they learn their lessons.

You can only burn the flag of my Country, chant death to America or fly planes into buildings so many times before you rob me of any sympathy I may have for your cause, goals or religion. As far as the koran goes it is just another book spouting hate and intolerance written by a pedophile and should never have been reprinted.



  1. Anonymous02:46

    Excellent points to keep in mind on this 9/11 remembrance.

  2. I too, am still angry, but as I said in response to your comment over at my place, ours is a righteous and culturally-superior anger.

    We are not burning down mosques. Try setting up a Christian church "over there," and get our your stopwatch to see how long it lasts. You'll only need the second hand

    You'd like this by Andrew McCarthy:

    Starting To Say No

    He speaks for tens of million of Americans like us...

  3. To me, the most offensive thing is the dithering of our politicians. I don't want some museum; by now, we should have brand new updated replicas of the Trade Centers proudly carrying on.

    See this.

    Instead, due to political correctness, corruption and outright time wasting we STILL have a hole in the ground.

  4. USA_Admiral: I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading my mind.

  5. I too am tired of PCism... It's time for America to stand up! Never Forget!

  6. Couldn't agree more Admiral.

    I did hear someone say that since the building the punk imam wants to replace was hit by the landing gear from one of the planes, that it IS Ground Zero, not just close to.

  7. I refuse to be intolerant of those intolerant assholes! In their necks!!!

  8. Fabulous post, USA. Absolutely perfect!

    NFO's right. Time to stand up. Be heard & don't STOP!


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