Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Stop the Mosque

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I clearly remember September 11th 2001. It has been almost nine years so islam must feel it is now the time to build a monument to their destruction of the twin towers and a sign of their victory over the great satan. Remember if you will that islam promotes sharia law. Honor killings and barbaric treatment of women in general. There is also the submit or die as an infidel. This is something that is not needed in this country. Look how islam is putrefying Europe. This is a country of religious tolerance. Ask an Israeli about islamic tolerance.

Click to stop the mosque near ground zero.

The place where so many Americans died by muslim terrorists and extremists.

It is classless and disgraceful to attempt to put a mosque there. It shows the true colors of the liberal left for allowing this temple of evil to even get to the planning stages and the muslim faith in general by trying to get it built anywhere near that site.


  1. Done.

    I have no words other than those that cannot be printed about these shit for brains idiots not only allowing but thinking it's a good idea to let these barbarians build a Celebration Center on the 911 site.

  2. I hope a UNION town like NY would ban together and pickett the site. With Unions stopping work it will never get built.....

  3. Thank you for printing this!! I signed the petition..and forward to others.I cant believe they would have the audacity to do such a thing!

  4. Amen. I'm sick and effing tired of the apologists who try to justify their moral cowardice by making a freedom of religion argument. You can practice cabbage worship for all I care but if you attack us and kill thousands of innocent American civilians you don't get to erect a victory monument until you kill the rest of us.

  5. Anonymous09:30

    I am going to cross post this.

  6. I've not been paying much attention to this opposition to this mosque, but now that I've read this site, I will have to up my support for it.

    What's wrong with you people? You all sound more like the wacked out nuts who committed the attacks on 9/11 than most Muslims do.

    As George W Bush and many others have pointed out: We are NOT at war with Islam. You're not working for peace with ridiculous sites like this.

    May God grant us all grace and wisdom.

  7. If they build it, I will do my best to open a BBQ joint next door that doubles as a strip club in the evening called "Allah-ta Ta-Ta's".

  8. This is typical of Islam. Destroy something large, and then build a mosque on it. It is a ploy to show superiority, and we cannot allow it!

  9. On what basis would possibly stop it, Brooke? In this nation, we have freedom of religion and people are free to spend their money to build legal buildings if they want.

    I keep asking this question and have not seen any reasonable answers. Would you be able to address this question, please? On what possible grounds would you possibly "not allow" it?

  10. It is people like you who are dangerous, spreading hate without a shred of evidence. While a minority of extremists give islam a bad name you choose to believe that all muslims are crazy and "evil" you are just another pointless human being who will never change their small mind and continue to chat out of your ass.


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