Saturday, August 14, 2010

Obama Supports Mosque at Ground Zero

This is no surprise to me at all. His gall and uncaring attitude towards anything American is well documented.

It could be this is a good thing because maybe he will put his ugly assed wife in a burqa and keep her in the cave instead of terrorizing the world.

Much better view of Moochelle now?


  1. Anonymous08:38

    Great, just flipping great.

    Love the photospot pixs by the way.

  2. Meant to say Angry Bitch

  3. Every female in America should be screaming for Obama's head!

  4. Anonymous18:53

    Ya Michelle's case, I'm not so against the burka. Anyway we can scrap the whole Islam thing but keep the burka for Michelle?

  5. Actually, it does the First Wookie justice!


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