Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nauseating Picture Sunday

What a way to screw up a picture. Mooshelle in her Wrinkle Rumple, homeless, porn star outfit. Klingons should never ever go sleeveless in public or otherwise.

Gag me with and entrenching tool.

Now for something completely different . . .

Much, much better in my opinion.


  1. I like the idea of the burqa for Michelle. Cover that ugly face and the mal-formed body. Just a large black tent with a screen for eyeholes. It's what Muslim women should be wearing anyway.

  2. Do you think she is pushing this 'healthy eating, obesity campaign BS, because she knows she has a problem, or because that's the standard liberal way to take the attention off and create the illusion that she doesn't have a problem.

    As long as most people only see the pictures presented by the rag magazines and the democrat media of course.

  3. USA Admiral-You are on to it! Too bad our President is not. I can only proudly state that I did not vote for the asshole. However, I voted for a different one...McCain.


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