Monday, August 09, 2010

Another news story about the religion of peace

All the news about the treatment of women under the yoke of islam and New Yorkers are allowing a mosque to be built near ground zero. You guys deserve what you get.

200 lashes and then shot in the head.

Police in northwestern Afghanistan say Taliban fighters publicly executed a pregnant Afghan woman after accusing her of committing adultery.

A senior police officer, Abdul Jabar Saleh, in Baghdis Province said the woman was given 200 lashes before being shot in the head on August 8 in the province's remote Qades district -- an area under the control of the Taliban.

Saleh said Bibi Sanawbar, a 40-year-old widow, was kept in prison for three days before being flogged and executed.

Saleh said Mullah Mohammad Yousif, a Taliban commander in the district, sentenced the woman to death and then personally carried out the killing.  More of the story here.


  1. But EESSSSSllllam is a Peaceful Religion.

    If I ever meet any muslims who say that to me, I'm going to tell them to STFU and laugh in their face.

  2. Anonymous00:41

    Calling them animals does a injustice to animals.


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