Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mosque at ground zero

Islam tends to build a victory mosque on the site of a great battle where they have won. It has been nearly nine years and we still have not completed anything in defiance of islamic terror. Did they win? If the cordoba mosque is built there then yes, they will have won. Mosques are a breeding ground for radical islam. You cannot keep reading the same damn quran godless book and face mecca to pray each day and not have a radical element rise up from the evil the book teaches.

The people that are in support of the planned cordoba mosque at ground zero are deluded fools that will be swallowed up by radical islam.

   Islamic tool Roxanne Delgado (AP PHOTO)  
Exhibit A:
Useful tool for islam. Roxanne Delgado speaks out in favor of a proposal to build a mosque (AP PHOTO).

Notice the peace sign. That symbol means anything but peace. That is the biggest indication that this _____ should be wrapped in a burqa and sent express mail to the nearest sharia infested hole and left there for two months. After living like the rest of muslim women we could then see how this useful islamic tool feels. She could attend a stoning or two or maybe a honor killing but I doubt anything logical could pierce that ultra-hardened skull full of mush.

I have little patience for the stupid or ill informed in this world. The internet is loaded with information for everyone to easily discover. This shows the stupidity of the some individuals.

To be able to research a threat as great as islam is with their record of abuses and the degradation of women and then bury your head in the sands of political correctness is insane.

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  1. Stockholm Syndrome? Probably just major Stupid


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