Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lectured by the 2nd biggest asshat in congress.

More proof of the voter stupidity that dwells in Florida's 8th district.

Asshat extraordinaire and Obama/Pelosi lapdog Alan "Dick" Grayson gives testament to his socialist agenda of wealth redistribution.

Exactly how wealthy is Asshat Grayson? It would boggle the mind. I guess you can fit a lot of socialism in that double extra large, meaty and useless head he is has on his shoulders.

I guess he thinks everyone has pockets as full of cash as he does.


  1. What a complete asshat.

    Notice how empty the place was? Heh.

  2. Yes I did. Talk about clearing out the house.

  3. The left is increasingly showing it's true colors. Of course it's only the stupid ones.
    Oh wait, they're all stupid.


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