Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gizmos and phantom emails

After the Samsung Exclaim this Palm Pre does everything, and more. Since I bought this new phone there has been some unexpected things. If you are not careful you may send some blank emails to different people (Sorry Jihad Gene) and I am gizmo impaired.

It is a great phone being similar to an IPOD Touch.


  1. It takes awhile to get used to a new gizmo. You'll be fine! :)

  2. I'm devolving and looking for an old rotary phone. Being constantly connected isn't all that great.

  3. The palm-Pre is used by3 out of 5 of my IT group. One has an EVO and I have a 17 bucks a month for two phones Tracfones with prepaid minutes added each month on the Amex. I get 60 minutes a month and I currently have 800 unused minutes and I have never sent a text. :)

    But I do see the attraction. Those things have better NAV systems than dedicated NAV systems like TomTom or Garmin, and all sorts of applications.

  4. iPhone. My 78 year old mother has it figured out already. If she can, you can. =)


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