Thursday, July 22, 2010

Florida seeks death penalty for Dontae Morris

I really hate cop killers. They are worse than cowards. They ambush the police officer when they come into contact with them.

Take Dontae Morris for instance. He killed two other people before he killed two Tampa Police officers in June.

TAMPA, Fla. -- Extra security and a group of Tampa Police officers are in the courtroom Thursday morning, as suspected police-killer Dontae Morris, 24, is arraigned on four murder charges.

Morris is accused of killing two Tampa Police officers in June.  He's also charged in the murders of Derek Anderson in May and Harold Wright in June.

Hillsborough County prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for the murders of the two officers, but will not be seeking death penalty in two other murders Morris is charged with.

An attorney pleaded not guilty to each count on Morris' behalf.

In June, Officer Dave Curtis and Officer Jeff Kocab were shot and killed during a routine traffic stop on East 50th Street in Tampa.  After a four-day manhunt, Morris turned himself in to police on July 2.

What kind of a animal is the perp? He sounds like a real monster.

Morris has spent 20 days in jail.  During that time, Morris "openly masturbated" in front of a female deputy and picked his toenails until they bled, according to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's office. First Coast News
At least this turd is off the street. It's sad he had to kill two others before he turned himself in. He is not stupid because he did not want the police to find him on the street.

Can they just please bring back old sparky for things like Dontae?

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