Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dimwit Wednesday

The Tattoo Edition.

Purple is not his color.

Words fail me.

Words fail me here too.

I am not much for the spiked demon look.

The contacts are a bit overkill.

I guess he was never into hats.


What kind of look was it going for?

Earlobe fail?

At least he looks happy.

Checkers or Chess?

Call me a square but Why?


  1. Sheesh! And they paid people to do that to them!

  2. I worry about Americas future

  3. What is on the outside is a huge warning what is going on in the inside.

  4. Proof:
    I never understood why the extreme tattoo mode.

    Me too.

    Well said and very true.

  5. Seven Down; She looks like one of the Staff at Moon River Pizza, in Murray Hill!

    As for the rest? These folks would have been the Main Event at the Salem Public Barbecues.

  6. It's obvious they can't get real jobs so they must work at tattoo/piercing parlors and they're bored out of their minds.

    Personally, I can't even take a tramp stamp. Especially the ones that look like the pinstripe decoration on the back of a pickup truck tailgate.
    Not attractive.

    Hummingbird somewhere maybe. Small one.

  7. I would not do this to my dog. How the hell do you get a job like that?

  8. Why? Extreme mental illness!

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Why, you act as if something is wrong here.

  11. What a bunch of Democrats!

  12. lol Extreme crazyness. I have tattoos and a couple of piercings but my goodness, nothing even close to this! I cant eat my breakfast now. Thanks! ;)


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