Saturday, May 01, 2010


Obama is troubled? After he and the deviants in the senate and house ass raped 65% percent of America with ramming ObamaKare in our collective asses he has the gall to be troubled?

Here is some quotes from the troubled one. (If you notice he has a lot to be troubled about since he muffed so completely the deep oil well boondoggle out in the gulf.)

Full story here Breitbart

I don't need any advice from this socialist anus while he is wrecking my country.


  1. I find it mildly, bud sadly amusing when an avowed leftist tries to parrot the words to try to make himself sound neutral or bipartisan.

    It's like when your two year old threatens to "spank you". You know the words are correct, but either the will or the ability (or both) to carry them out is lacking.

  2. Concur... sigh... Is it 2012 YET???

  3. I saw the commencement headline is he tells them to be civil.
    This from the guy who gave every one of his opposition the finger on national tv.
    this from the guy who saw to it or allowed joe the plumber to be personally torn to shreds for asking a question.
    I don't have anything else to say I would put on someone else's blog


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