Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kevin Scott Varga Executed

I am truly glad it is God's job to forgive people. I could not have forgiven this murderous waste of humanity. That being said, I am glad he is dead.

HUNTSVILLE — A South Dakota parolee convicted of helping fatally beat and rob an Army officer before setting fire to his body 12 years ago was executed Wednesday in Texas.

Kevin Varga, 41, was upbeat and smiling as the lethal drugs were delivered into his arms.

“I know I took someone very precious to you,” he told the parents and friends of David Logie as they watched through a window. “I wish what was torn from you was not.”

He said he loved them, asked them for forgiveness but said he didn't require it “because God has forgiven me.”

“I hope you find peace,” he said.

He turned his head toward his mother, who watched through a window in an adjacent room, and told her he would “go to sleep and wake up with Jesus.”  From the Chron 

Varga's murdering partner Billy Galloway gets his executed on Thursday for the same crimes.         


  1. Twelve years? Better late than never!

  2. God: No Jesus for you! Go to hell, punk.

  3. Anonymous14:08

    one done many more to go

  4. God loves Kevin; He allowed His Son to be killed to pay the penalty for Kevin's sins. We all deserve hell. We all can be forgiven if we accept Christ's death as payment for our sins. We must trust in Him and let Him be the judge of all mankind.


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