Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A thought about Educators in Florida

Educators seem to have their knickers in knot.

It looks like Florida was serious about the Pay for Performance legistation. When I helped out in the classroom about half of the teachers (generally) did not play very well in the sandbox together. Now that Pay for Performance looks to be the future law in Florida the teachers are, Um, not happy.

"I could lose my teacher educators license if these kids don't make gains," one teacher complained from outside the Tallahassee committee room. "Does this encourage me to keep teaching this challenging kids? It's like spitting in my face."   SOURCE

Does this unidentified teacher educator (who is crying like a newborn babe) sound like anyone you would want to teach your child anything at all? I am sure with this response she could  teach educate the cry baby course very well indeed.

If you want to really fix the public school problem then simply get the unions, liberalism and the federal government out of the system. Since I doubt the federal government will get out of schooling we can still try to get the liberals and unions out. That would clean the decrepit state of Florida education.

This could be a very big first step into resolving a serious impediment in Florida schooling.


  1. You're on it like vomit!!!

  2. It's not just the teachers. It's also the parents. It is extraordinarily difficult to keep order in the classroom oday where the teacher is not allowed to use corporal punishment. I remember kids getting smacked good by their teacher for causing a minor disturbance in the classroom and then getting punished at home for it also. And if you were a complete foul up, you were never seen in the school again. They threw your dumb ass out without a second thought - no magnet schools or special tutors. The Army grabbed your ass as soon as you turned 18 and then you got squared away some. Or ended up in Leavenworth.

  3. It seems to me parents have failed at home. That means the schools were destined to fail miserably.

    I remember in 1967, No one acted up in front of Sister Rose Celene. She was the most rigid disciplinarian I have yet to meet.

    That is what I needed in 1st/2nd grade.

  4. It's the entire culture, parents, teachers, kids... NO ONE is willing to accept responsibility...

  5. Anonymous00:55

    It is never my fault.The liberals motto.
    It is Bush's fault.It is Reagan's fault etc.


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